When is a good age to start voice lessons?

I am continually asked by parents:

"I have a 5 yr old daughter who just can't stop singing. I feel she has a lot of talent and would like her voice developed".



"My child is 6 yrs old. She loves to sing and sings all the time. I would like her to have some coaching to see if she has talent or not as don't want to waste my time if my child can't sing!"

It is IMPERATIVE a child happily sings as a child regardless whether YOU may think they are good enough or not.

I do coach children under 10 yrs however, it all depends on the individual and parents understanding of their child's OWN bespoke vocal journey.

From 5-10yrs it would be better for children to join a fun choir/ group and sing freely as much around the house as possible to songs they love without judgement.

They are incredibly young in vocal terms and with the training, it is a journey that cannot be pushed or rushed.

Anatomy and physiology has a lot to contribute to how 'mature' or vocally efficient a young voice can be ( well, ANY age )!

If your child is studying Song & Dance for competitions at a very young age, then it IS important to have guidance and mentoring from a vocal coach to learn and understand the process of learning a song correctly!

Pitch, rhythm, phrasing and commitment to text can be taught from a young age.

It is not about winning too.

It's the journey and most of all fun factor of performance and expression.

Remember, we are ALWAYS learning and at such a young age, children are at the very embryonic stage of their vocal journey!

Students I coach under 10 yrs show a natural passion for singing, not because their parents insist they have lessons.

Parents are made aware that the lessons are focussed on the enjoyment of singing, expression, communication, confidence and clarity of tone without any force or too much manipulation.

This is also a fabulous time to learn an instrument or drama for self expression, for example: ukulele, guitar, piano, any instrument and a fun drama club!

I hope this little blog clarifies some questions any of you may have about Voice lessons for the young ones.

More than happy to chat to your queries and recommend many fab groups and instrumental teachers In Cairns and FNQ

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