Keeping It Real!

"Jo Estill, who sought out to separate the mechanics of singing from artistic and aesthetic preconceptions".

Cairns Voice Studio - I don't 'own' any method or technique. What I teach is not original, and love learning and discovering new ideas, concepts and exercises to guide students to sing more efficiently and in good vocal health.

What I give are years of coaching, performance and professional development, taking numerous ideals and vocal pedagogy learnt, borrowing, discovering new ideas along the way.

How I coach and communicate is unique in my own way, even if exercises, trigger and tools are not of my own making.

There are many fabulous,inspirational genius of vocal pedagogy and voice science who genuinely discovered something original and new, evolving how voice (speech and singing) can be taught - Garcia, Sundberg, Titze and Jo Estill (Nolan, C. 2015). There is still so much to learn and discover. This is what science is, a continual and evolving journey of discovery and play.

Play an discover. No voice is perfect, and there is no quick fix! The voice is a complex instrument.

As singing teachers and vocal coaches, our job is to do our best, guide, mentor and give students the tools and understanding for the, to practise, discover, evolve and to do the best they can. Every single clients is bespoke, it's a journey, so keep it real!



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