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From March 2018, Keesha Mclean will be lecturing in Voice and Musical Theatre as part of The Creative Arts Degree Course at CQU, Cairns.


CVS student, young singer songwriter Maggie Helena 16yrs performing her original 'Mind Reader' on Balcony TV.


10th November 2017

I originally chose Keesha as a vocal coach because I’d seen her work in the community and knew she held high standards for students and production. So I became her student just as I had hoped, I found her to be a very trustworthy performance coach with high standards and the capacity to give direction and feedback about ALL aspects of staging and performance, not just the singing.

What I didn’t know until I became her student was just how much she cared about her students' progress. I also didn’t know that when I paid for a session with Keesha I would be getting much more support from her than I gained in the hour I spent in her studio. Over the 1-2 years I’ve watched Keesha create numerous opportunities for her students to progress their learning and development, as well as career. Then I had the opportunity to collaborate with Keesha for a project she produced and directed, and learned a whole lot more about how she works. Her sensitivity and understanding of the individual strengths, areas for improvement and planned career trajectory for each of the performers she worked with was remarkable. She knew each performer so well, that she was able to cast them to perform material that was perfect for their niche. The material was just right to bring out their absolute best but with enough challenge to enable each performer to rise and expand their performance skills. That level of insight and sensitivity can only come from someone who lives and breathes their work as Keesha does, who’s observing and thinking about her student’s long after they’ve left her studio.

Whenever I’ve hit a issue with my progress she’s been able to explain the science of the voice issue I’m experiencing and give me specific exercises targeted for that issue. This makes for very time effective progress. She’s also been able to assist me with some voice related medical problems and referred me to a medical specialist when appropriate.

Finally there’s something about Keesha I just can’t put a price on. Keesha understands the incredibly sensitive instrument which our voice is, and the impact that fear and stress has on vocal tone, breath and performance. This deep understanding and sensitivity is apparent in the way she coaches and directs students. She has the capacity to honour my strengths and make me feel 100% comfortable truly expressing who I am through my voice performance. This absence of harmful “judgement” (especially about things like singing style, genre, performance style etc) opens up a space where true creativity can be expressed and real progress is made. This capacity coupled with high technical voice coaching skills makes Keesha the perfect choice as a coach, but she’s also a great career and performance coach, which is a bonus way beyond what I paid for or expect to get. Cairns is very fortunate to have her in the community.

Annica-Dee Williamson

15th July 2017

CVS Student Mia Peled Bolger 17yrs performing her original 'Man' on Balcony TV.

10th July 2017

'Stop shaming Adele'

A fabulous article by Paul. E. Kwak MD

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