Our philosophy is to create a healthy, efficient, and flexible instrument for a long, fulfilling vocal career, whether personal or professional as a vocalist, speaker, confidence development, or if you would like to improve your vocal health ( including vocal rehabilitation, transgender ), in a non-judgemental, nurturing and, non-aesthetic bias environment.

A healthy voice should be agile and efficient, with the flexibility to sing through all genres of music. This is the same for speech, whether for acting or, public speaking, learning to adapt to different vocal characters and situations, is important for consistent work.

The voice should work efficiently, economically & effectively without fatigue or trauma. This is achieved through a deep understanding and awareness of Vocal Craft, Anatomy and vocal ‘play’.

Kinesthetic awareness is key. Each voice is bespoke and it is entirely the vocalist's choice as to what genre of vocal music they would like to sing, or aesthetic sound they would prefer as a speaker and actor. The understanding and awareness of Vocal Craft and Anatomy gives the vocalist and speaker plenty of choice, and options to explore and play with their voice, and understand their own unique instrument. Each vocalist's journey is different. Some can take longer than others, and this is OK!

With the high demands of vocalists and performers today, strong focus on Vocal Craft is key before interpretation, artistry and performance. 

It is a liberating feeling to have the choice and control to sing across all styles of music or your own favourite song!

Keesha Mclean - Director, continues to research and evolve in vocal pedagogy through mentoring and networking sessions, with vocal specialists nationally, and in London.

Cairns Voice Studio coach all styles and genres of vocal music from musical theatre, contemporary, pop, rock, jazz to classical. The studio also works with actors, speakers and advises on vocal health and rehabilitation.

Everyone is different and have their own unique vocal instrument. A full understanding and awareness of one’s own instrument is key to vocal and performance longevity.

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